Flaxton Gardens Wedding Videographer | Kirra + Danny were just adorable on their wedding day. To match their epic love for each other, were two of my favourite venues to film. Nestled in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, AnnaBella The Wedding Chapel is the magical intimate venue for a wedding ceremony. Stunning manicured green lawns with lush tendered gardens. Not to mention the white chapel itself, It’s one of my favourites!

Flaxton Gardens never disappoints either. The combination of rustic vintage elements and the stunning manicured surrounds, the colonial homestead styling and the water features and gazebo. Romantic is a understatement. Just to cap off the epic locations, we also took a cheeky trip upto One Tree Hill, Maleny. One of the most inspirational Sunshine Coast photo locations. It has to be one of the best views in the country. It was a day of amazing views, tons of laughs and plenty of love to go around for all. As soon as I finished filming this awesome day, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on the footage and start putting it together. Now you can see why!

This is Kirra + Danny’s story.

Preparations: Flaxton Gardens, Maleny | Ceremony: Annabella The Wedding Chapel, Sunshine Coast.
Reception: Flaxton Gardens, Maleny | Music Licensing: The Music Bed.
Videographer & Post Production: Graeme Passmore Photography