Where can I find your prices?

To receive my full wedding price guide, flick me an email and say hi! I’d love to hear about your day and I can confirm my availability. You can email me over on my contact form or just email me direct at graemepassmore@live.com

What do you offer?

The best photography experience you could ask for, in a relaxed, easy going style that flows throughout the day. Half day coverage, full day coverage and coverage for destination weddings. Full Resolution images, a ton of them. What ever package, I only hand over my best.

Videography. My wedding films are to die for. Not that boring slow stuff you may of been made to watch in the past.  Go check them out if you haven’t already.

Photo Booth hire, with professional studio lighting. I then turn a night full of images into a kick ass stop motion film.

Other little treats include coffee table albums, prints, stone prints & an extra photographer or videographer if needed.

Will we meet before the big day?

I love meeting a new couple in love! I meet every one of my clients before the wedding day. This is such a personal day, I want you to feel super comfortable that you’re in the hands of a professional! I can either meet for a coffee or beer, if we can’t meet in person for some reason, interstate or overseas, then Skype is a great way to have a chat.

How many images will I get from our wedding?
It all depends on how long your wedding day goes for, how many people attend, the weather, details, how good your DJ is, how awesome your friends and family are at dancing…. there are so many factors! I’ve found the average is somewhere between 600-1000 images.

Is it just you taking our photographs or filming on the day?

Yes – if you’ve booked me for the photography, then i’ll be there with a hat and tie. If you’ve booked me for the videography then I am your man. If you’ve booked me for both, then I am your photographer for the day and I hand pick one of my very talented videographers. No big crew getting in the way of the emotion, no massive tripods and rigging ruining the atmosphere, no studio lighting blocking people’s views.

But don’t worry, all the editing and post production is done by hand by me so you still get the style and quality you’ve paid for. I never crowd you or make you feel overwhelmed, never getting in the way. At the end of the day, it’s not a photo shoot, it’s your wedding day!

How much footage do we receive with a wedding film?

My filming & editing process is very much photojournalistic. I don’t provide long, raw shots from the day; instead I create modern tightly edited cinematic 3 – 5 minute films, set to original music, capturing the whole story of the day in a creative and truly original way. Remember when hiring a photographer or videographer or any artist in that matter, you are giving them creative licence to cover the day. In order to produce a quality film they need to make decisions on what to cover.

My style isn’t about roaming around continuously filming for 9 hours straight with two or three videographers. With the size of HD footage data it’s almost impossible to provide 9 hours of straight footage. Instead I film selected moments throughout the day, capturing the atmosphere, landscapes, styling details, natural laughter, preparations along with the traditions to tell the story and mood of the whole day.

With certain packages I offer an extended raw edit which on average is between 45 – 60 minutes in length. This includes extras throughout the day including selected traditions, the ceremony, selected speeches, first dance, cake cutting and other traditions. Due to data and size restrictions this is also edited down tightly.

There has been plenty of research with brides and grooms, asking what they want in a modern wedding film. The overwhelming response has been that traditional wedding videos are too long, and they only get watched a couple of times and then put on the shelf. They can’t be shared and watched easily online, and friends and family often find them kind of boring!

How is the music chosen for the film?

I listen to the music you play throughout your day to get a great sense of what you like, and find music that suits you and the feel of the day. Whilst really popular hits might be a great soundtrack, it is unethical and illegal to use artists’ music without paying for it (as they worked so hard on creating it!), and really famous songs cost at least $1000 to license. Instead, I license music from talented emerging artists from around Australia and the world, for a small fee that’s built into the price of the film.

This will have you directly supporting new talent, but your film’s soundtrack will be totally unique to you! You won’t associate your wedding film soundtrack with anything other than your day, making it so much more special and personal.

Part of the editing process is so much about finding the right track to suit the footage, this is part of the creative licence. But don’t worry, it is part of my job to have great taste!

Are you able to travel interstate/overseas?

Yes! I am based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland, but I travel all the time. I am frequently traveling to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tamborine Mountain, Byron Bay and Melbourne for amazing weddings. But seriously I”ll go anywhere… my passport is ready to go. I’m always pumped at the chance to work in exotic places, and just as thrilled to shoot a small wedding in the country.

I often negotiate to cover some of my travel expenses, but for overseas weddings I can offer you special rates to make things much more affordable.

What equipment do you use?

I shoot on Canon; 5D MkIII and 7D bodies and a wide range of lenses. When filming I have a small ‘Shoulder Rig’ (a camera stabiliser for moving shots) which is small, light and never bothers a soul. I only use flash if it’s absolutely necessary (usually just for fun shots on the dance floor).

We don’t like posing! And we are a bit shy. Will that be a problem?

Of course not. Nearly every client I’ve had are a little shy. Most photographers love capturing people in fun/silly/romantic poses, but I really thrive on capturing people being their natural selves – laughing, chatting, gettin’ down on the dance floor… I’ll capture the honest moments that happen through your day. A great way to get over the camera shyness and get to know each other a little, is to book in a mini engagement shoot. Then we get to meet, hang out & have a laugh. That way there are no strangers on the wedding day!

What do we get afterwards?

The wedding photography:

Depending on the package and whether you have me for a half day or full day, but on average you’ll receive between 300 – 600 quality high resolution, carefully edited JPG images for you to keep, plus small versions that are perfect for sharing online. You can share, copy, print and post the photos to your heart’s content. No restrictions, no need to contact me for enlargements – they’re all yours. A photo blog will be posted online with selected images to tell your story perfectly. The finished product is a pair of beautiful wooden USB sticks in a beautifully hand crafted wooden gift box, wrapped and sealed with love.

I do highly recommend considering a photo book as well – there’s nothing like seeing your gorgeous memories on high quality art paper in a coffee table book. I know your parents would love a copy…

The wedding film:

Just like my photos it depends on the package, but the editing process plays a generous role in giving films their magic, romantic feeling. I create beautiful 3 – 5 minute show-reel films and set them to music, capturing the whole story of the day in a creative and truly engaging way. You and your friends and family can share it online with the world, and at that length, people will watch it on their computers, iPads and smartphones again and again. For a small fee I do offer all the Raw footage shot on the day.

Every package receives a individual show-reel, but if you do decide to book in one of my larger packages you’ll receive a 45 – 60 minute extended edit. The finished product is a pair of beautiful wooden USB sticks in a beautifully hand crafted wooden gift box, wrapped and sealed with love.

What do you do to the photos/film?

The wedding photography:

My editing process is very delicate, it’s professional and non-destructive. I have a certain style I have evolved over the years which is true to myself and my creative flair. I was professionally trained at award winning institution Photography Studies College, Melbourne with an Advance Diploma of Photography. I don’t like pictures that look fake, or heavily retouched, or coated in layers of photoshop filters. I want my images to capture how your day really looked and through my creative lens! All I do is lightly affect the colour palette, soften and sharpen, and adjust the contrast (but if there is something misfortunate in the frame, I’ll get rid of it for you!).

I provide all of your images in colour, and vintage black and white.

The wedding film:

I edit the important and beautiful moments from your day to music, telling a story in an engaging and cinematic way. I colour correct any nasty colours out and I don’t use any tacky filters or effects, or overlay any awkward dialogue.

Do you scout for locations before the wedding?

I always like to be as well prepared as I can, so if it’s a location I’m not familiar with I love having a look around, sometimes it’s 6 months before the day and sometimes it’s the day before. There does need to be a element of shooting on the fly though, it does help to boost the creative process so planning a shoot down to each minute sometimes does make it feel a little too structured.

Often I like to have one of  my client meetings at one of the locations, it’s a great way to have a chat about exactly what sort of images you’d like and I can recommend some amazing little spots.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes please! All day photography and cinematography takes a tonne of energy, so if you could cater for me that would be greatly appreciated!

What if we decide on the day that we’d like you to stay longer than anticipated?

That’s fine; I can stay as long as you need, each extra hour will just incur an extra $250 fee.

Do we need to provide a “shot list” to you?

All I need is a running sheet for the day with important addresses and phone numbers, and a list of which family portraits you’d like taken. I shoot in a photojournalistic style letting the day pan out and letting the creative process happen. Shot list tend to tie down that process, but if there is something particular that needs coverage this can be communicated in writing.

What happens if it rains on the wedding day?

Then we get out there with umbrellas! Some amazing pictures and gorgeous moments have come out of celebrations with miserable weather… we won’t let it stand in our way.

What time of day should we get married and have our portraits? We want it to look as good as it can!

Try to avoid the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead (approx 11am – 3pm). This causes unflattering shadows and highlights on faces, and makes everyone squint! If you can, aim for a time where the sun is at a lower angle, particularly for your portrait session. The Golden Hour (the last hour of light before sunset) is prime portrait time.

Why isn’t the raw footage of the film supplied to us?

For the same reason that a photographer does not supply every photo that was taken on your wedding day: the discarded material is not worth viewing. When a photographer shoots a portrait, they may take 10 frames of the same shot, to make sure they get one perfect image. Filming work is much the same.

My style of cinematography is not about surveillance coverage, but about capturing moments, details and atmosphere. I work differently to a lot of other wedding video companies; there are no second cameramen capturing every minute from one angle… I move around capturing 10 – 30 second shots of details, moments and landscapes in a creative and experimental way. Depending on the package, I do however record the ceremony & speeches in full, this is included in your extended version. I record a total of approximately 3 – 4 hours of footage across your whole day, and then use all the best shots within your 3 – 5 minute show-reel film. Any shot that doesn’t make it into the film was either almost identical to another shot already used, or it wasn’t a winning shot.

If you’d like all the raw footage from the day it can be included for a $200 fee to cover the USB, but just remember it isn’t 10 hours of continuous rolling footage, it’s small snippets and details from the whole day which once edited are magic.

Do we get digital negatives of the images?

If you mean unedited RAW files, then no… the editing process is as much a part of my service as the photography itself. Depending on your package, I do include all unedited JPEG images from the day.

If you mean high resolution JPG files of each of your edited images, then yes! Those are yours to keep… send copies around the world, share them on Facebook, do whatever you like! They’re your memories, after all.

How soon will we receive the film/photo collection?

You can expect your film & photo blog to appear online as soon as it’s completed. During the busy part of wedding season this can be between 8 – 12 weeks. Your photo & film package will take upto 12 weeks to arrive on your doorstep, but depending on the time of year and work load this can vary.

You can share the link to your film on Facebook and through email, so all your friends and family overseas can enjoy the story of your incredible celebration from home, and your photo collection can be copied and sent to whoever you wish to share it with.

How do we lock in a booking?

If you’re ready to lock in a booking with me I’ll send out the paperwork for you to read through and sign. I include an invoice so you can transfer a 20% or $500 deposit. The final payments are due two weeks before the wedding date.

Once we’ve booked, do we speak to you much before the wedding?

Of course! I’m always available to chat and help you with any concerns or ideas you have. I love to stay in touch with my clients in the lead up to (and after) the wedding day; it’s this connection that helps you to feel comfortable, and helps me to create beautiful and natural photo collections and films.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

My Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography is super relaxed, I know where to be and what to capture throughout your day. A non extrusive approach so the flow of the day stays on path and most of all, you get to enjoy yourself. Everyone’s a little shy in front of a camera in some shape or form, including me! But a combination of my experience & calm nature finds a way to come up with some glorious magic. A great way to ease the nerves is to meet your photographer before your big day. We can catch up for coffee or a cheeky beer, or we can organise a casual engagement session. My sessions involve a one hour location shoot, location of your choice, wether it be an afternoon session down the beach, the many rustic farms & country settings throughout the hinterland, majestic mountains or a glorious morning in the many lush rainforest around the Sunshine Coast. If you need a little help I can always recommend some special spots.

Get To Know Your Photographer

Booking in an engagement session is the perfect way to get to know your photographer & I always recommend it. We get to meet, hang out in a casual setting and have a little fun. Bring your dog, your kids, your dogs kids, what ever is you, bring it along. It’s a great way to tell your story. That way on the morning of your wedding day you know exactly who to expect to see and know that you get along great. Not to mention you also get a bunch of sweet images to celebrate your engagement, share around and even use for your save the date cards. At the end of the process you’ll recieve a cute little USB with all your images. I select a good bunch to edit up in my sexy style, both in colour + black & white, high resolution & web format for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and whatever you cool kids are upto. I also put together a great little blog, which is perfect for sharing with friends & family. Trust me, you won’t be embarrassed to share my Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography session. Head over to my blog for a little more inspiration. If you’d like to learn a little more about me, pop over to my contact page.

Wedding Venues I Love

If you’re recently engaged I’m sure you’re excited but equally overwhelmed by the many options available for wedding venues. Well I’m more than happy to tell you my favourites within the Sunshine Coast… For relaxed country vibes, Mt Coolum views & a rustic style you can’t go past Yandina Station. For a similar scene, but with different views then pay Flaxton Gardens or Maleny Cottage Weddings a visit. For elegant premium options in the Hinterland you must have Weddings at Tiffany’s on that list, along with Maleny Manor & Spicers Clovelly Estate. Thinking beach or resort then try out Surfair Marcoola & Novotel Twin Waters Resort. Outside of the Sunshine Coast I can also recommend a few little gems. In Phillip Island I absolutely loved The Cape Kitchen. A hidden spot on the Bellerine Peninsula, Victoria is home to Rusty Gate Weddings. And Byron Bay is home to many amazing venues but The Fig Tree & Byron View Farm are favourites.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

As a photographer & film maker that’s been in the industry for a while now, starting off in Melbourne, onto Byron Bay & now back home on the Sunshine Coast, I’d say I’m a small bundle of knowledge. Not only do I always connect with all my clients, I’m always connecting with other talented wedding vendors and creatives. I know some great Celebrants, amazing Florist, Hair & Make up artist that are legends at their craft, so I’m always happy to pass on my wedding recommendations. I can help you with timelines & schedules for the day, advice on the best photo locations and times to enjoy the best light.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

Based in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Graeme Passmore Photography services every nook and cranny of the coast from Noosa, Eumundi to Caloundra, Maroochydore upto Maleny & Montville. But I do also offer my services Australia wide, from Phillip Island to Cairns. I also love travelling out to the country and into the bush. If you’re a fun loving couple & up for an adventure and looking for something a little different, I am now offering my Engagement sessions in video format. We can hang out & make a really cool film. Similar to my Wedding Films but really cool and quirky. Like a music clip of your love. So if you’re loving what you see don’t be scare to flick me an email. To learn more about my Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography sessions, Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography services then say hi over on my email.

Email: graemepassmore@live.com