We offer so many material variations that each and every book you design is truly one-of-a-kind. All of our materials are carefully selected with your customers’ high expectations in mind. From our friendly Book Cloth to our rich Full Grain Leather, each material brings it’s own personality to the party.


Our high quality Book Cloth is durable and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s also incredibly versatile. When paired with custom designed embossing, Book Cloth can range from casual to elegant, silly to serious. Don’t be thrown off by it’s affordability. Book Cloth is a tried-and-true foundation of our books.

Available as coated (aqueous coated to protect against stains and spills) or uncoated (natural finish, usually softer).


With more aggressive textures than Premium Leather but without the weight of Full Grain Leather, Rustic Leather is a blend of luxury and rural charm.

Bonded leather, top coated for finish and stamped for texture.


Cafe’ leather delivers the rich statement of leather in soft and familiar tones. When you need something a little more special but still friendly and casual, Cafe’ leather is the perfect solution.

Bonded leather, top coated for finish.


• Flush mount albums have lustre photographic print pages designed to last a lifetime.
• Our premium papers showcase your memories with luxurious and vibrant colours.
• Every album individually designed with images chosen by you
• Albums are delivered to your door 8-10 weeks from finalising the design

10×10″ 30 sides | $1000

10×10″ 40 sides | $1400

12×12″ 30 sides | $1200

12×12″ 40 sides | $1600